Activity Coins Kid-trepreneur Scholarship

Activity Coins stated with a challenge; create something that will leave a lasting impression on the 8th grade class of Buffett Middle School in Omaha: it couldn’t be a t-shirt because we would outgrow it, a certificate would just get lost, and a medal would end up in a box. Military challenge coins had been around for more than 70 years as symbols of membership and accomplishment, so the creator of Activity Coins pitched challenge coins to the principle.

After hunkering down in a computer lab for almost a whole evening after school, Activity Coins had a design. They reached out to a military coins company for the ‘class coins’ and it has been a tradition ever since. Activity Coins started the next year trying to work with schools, organizations, and teams who would be improved by purchasing challenge coins.

Through high school and into college, owning and running Activity Coins put the owner on a wild path of experiences and meeting people superior to him in age and knowledge.

When we are kids, everyone has an idea that could change the world but somewhere along the lines it gets lost. What the Kid-trepreneur Scholarship aims to do is put those kids with awesome ideas on a path to carry them out.

The Kid-repreneur Scholarship is given to any school that orders any Activity Coins materials. The Kid-repreneur Scholarship is a $100+ scholarship; what that means is there is a cash award of $100 but whichever student wins will have the opportunity to work directly with Activity Coins and essentially ‘incubate’ their idea with someone who has been through it before. The goal is to help these students become kid entrepreneurs to create businesses that generate enough revenue to put them through college, and at the same time, inspire a new generation of kid entrepreneurs. One day, Activity Coins hopes to make a national scholarship with kid entrepreneurs in mind.

Activity Coins wants to give back, and giving others the tools to be as successful, or hopefully, be more successful than Activity Coins.

Activity Coin’s First Kid-trepreneur Scholarship Winner

Meet Shruthi from Buffet Middle School in Omaha, NE. She is the first recipient of Activity Coins’ “Kid-trepeneur Scholarship!” She is currently working on a company called “Nail’D It!” to create a manicure alternative in the form of a subscription box. We cannot wait to see her take the world by storm!

Congratulations to Shruthi, who was featured on KMTV 3 News Now

Read about it here or view the video below.