Sports Challenge Coins

Custom Challenge Coins for Your Team or Club!

Activity Coins provides sports challenge coins as alternate option for your sports team to stand out. Promote and reward sports team accomplishments by creating custom sport challenge coin designs for all extracurricular sports and clubs. Every organized sport team or club, whether it be a school activity or extracurricular event, often provides team or club members with a t-shirt or other form of apparel to represent team membership and involvement. Why keep adding to that already large t-shirt count just to have it get lost and buried in the bottom of the ‘not so favorite’ t-shirts? Don’t waste money on one more t-shirt that will take up space in your dresser and share your interests with peers, teammates, and colleagues with a sports challenge coin from Activity Coins.

Custom challenge coins for sports teams and clubs provide a story of where you came from and what you enjoy doing. Not only do sports challenge coins tell who you are, they are also an honor to have and carry with you. Challenge coins for sports and clubs are something that you can carry and hold on to throughout your life. You can’t out-grow a challenge coin.

How Sports Challenge Coins are Beneficial for Your Teams & Clubs

Another perk of using custom sports challenge coins provide from Activity Coins is to provide a sense of unity among teammates and club members. Owning a unique custom sports challenge coin can make you feel as though you are an important part of a team and invoke the feeling that you all are connected through your own custom challenge coins.

Custom challenge coins also make great trading coins when going out of state to a tournament for a sports game or club social event. Sports challenge coins are a great way to motivate players of all ages to be the best they can be.

Coaches can award coins for unselfish play, teamwork or excellent sportsmanship. Custom challenge coins from Activity Coins are a great symbol of team unity and sportsmanship. A sports challenge coin is a way to show encouragement, team unity, and team pride when interacting with other team members and opponents.

Challenge coins for sports teams are a way to reward athletes for their hard work or contribution to the team. A small but memorable gift gives athletes and team members something to look back on whenever they want to remember a team or club they were a part of, or a memorable athletic achievement, game, or tournament. Whether you create a challenge coin display, carry your challenge coin around, or put your challenge coin in a desk drawer, it will be a part of who you are and what you did.

At Activity Coins, we take your challenge coin design ideas and turn them into a personalized custom coin that becomes a lasting reminder of people, places, and significant events throughout your involvement with your sport or club. You tell us what you would like to be shown on the challenge coin and we do all the work to provide custom challenge coins for your sports team or club.