School Challenge Coins

At Activity Coins, we create fantastic school challenge coins because we want to expand the challenge coins concept beyond military challenge coins. The education field provides countless opportunities for school challenge coins to be useful and fun for students as well as faculty and staff. Need unique teacher gifts for teacher appreciation week? Want a piece of memorabilia to commemorate a class reunion, college or high school graduation ceremony, homecoming events, high school prom or formal dance, or teacher retirement? It’s as easy as “1-2-3 challenge coins!”

Custom school challenge coins are a creative and innovative way to commemorate an educational milestone or event. Commemorative school or college challenge coins can also be given as awards to students from “student of the week” to the class valedictorian, and we customize and design coins that become sentimental treasures for students and teachers alike. Award coins to your students upon graduation or to a faculty member for their dedicated service, and you’ll make a coin collector out of anyone! At Activity Coins, we don’t just design custom coins, we create memories.

High School & College Challenge Coins

Throughout high school and college, students face several rites of passage, experience milestones, and achieve educational accomplishments that shape their lives and leave lasting impressions and memories. Award school challenge coins as a meaningful way to make those memories last a lifetime, and give your high school or college student something tangible to commemorate a special event or academic achievement.  Commemorative high school or college challenge coins are something you can carry with you, and use as a conversation starter among peers, family, fellow alumni, coworkers, and more! Here are some unique ways custom school challenge coins can be used for high school or university students and faculty:

  • High School Graduation / College Graduation
  • Formal Dance/ High School Prom
  • Homecoming Events/ Homecoming Court Gifts/ Prom Court Gifts
  • University Alumni Events
  • National Honor Society Recognition / Academic Honors Recognition
  • Senior Recognitions
  • Class Reunions / Class Gifts
  • Academic Accomplishments / Valedictorian Recognition
  • Teacher Gifts & Recognition of Service / Teacher Retirement

Challenge Coins for Primary Schools

Are you an elementary school teacher looking for a fun way to engage and motivate your students? Challenge coin awards can be much more useful to a student than candy or being appointed “line leader.” A challenge coin provides a way for you to promote social interaction and engagement among your young students. Have students explain why they received their custom challenge coin and inquire about their peers’ challenge coin collection. Not only can challenge coins promote a healthy dialogue, but a customized coin can instill a sense of pride and motivation, as students realize their coin is the only one of its kind. Most young students love collecting things, so why not start a challenge coins movement in your primary school and give the students a coin collection that will be meaningful to them in the long run—long after their stuffed animals and trading cards have lost appeal. Rather than giving your students a cheap paper certificate for their achievements, make them feel special with a commemorative challenge coin! Here are some fun ways you can use custom coins in the classroom:

  • Perfect Attendance
  • Student of the Month /Week
  • Completion of School Year / End of Year Awards
  • School Fundraising Awards
  • Good Behavior Recognition
  • Teacher Gifts / Teacher Appreciation / Teacher Retirement Gifts

Challenge Coins for School Fundraisers

Are you tired of dealing with unsold cookie dough from last year’s school fundraiser? Activity Coins has innovative school fundraising ideas that are unique, interesting, and longer lasting than a mere box of candy bars. Challenge coins can be used as memorabilia awarded to all your valued donors, recognizing their time, service, or monetary donations to your school.

Custom challenge coins are the future of school fundraising! You can customize challenge coins in any way you desire—deck out your commemorative coins with school colors, school mascot, and more! Don’t let your fundraising rewards become just another box of unwanted “stuff.” Appeal to your donors with custom challenge coins that give them something personalized and unique. You can even create custom coins that reflect donor amounts given

to motivate donors to exceed their previous donations in order to receive a different challenge coin for future fundraisers. Let Activity Coins help your school exceed your fundraising goals with challenge coin awards this year!

Contact Activity Coins today and see how custom school challenge coins can leave an impression on the important students, teachers, and school faculty in your life. Activity Coins doesn’t simply create custom coins—we create memories!