Business Branding with Custom Challenge Coins

When a business first develops, their name is often not thrown out there in the mix of things. One way to differentiate your business right from the start is to create custom challenge coins from Activity Coins. Custom challenge coins for businesses serve many different purposes. One way a business, especially a new business, can benefit from a challenge coin is that it leaves a lasting impression on someone when they meet you. How often do you think a business hands out a pen or notepad with their name on it? So how often do you think businesses are handing out challenge coins with the same information on it? A custom challenge coin tailored to your business are a great way for business branding within your company.

Challenge Coin Marketing Tool

Corporate coins are also a great marketing tool and business branding material for professional organizations. When businesses go to conventions or job fairs, rather than handing out your typical pen, why not stand out and hand out custom challenge coins. Challenge coins have a deeper meaning behind them than just being a coin to hold on to. They can be used to ‘battle’ each other and reward them for carrying their challenge coin with them. There are many different challenge coins out there and each corporate coin is unique to every individual. Carrying a challenge coin allows you to show off where you’ve been, what you’ve done, and your story behind it.

Corporate Coins

Creating motivation within the work place can always be a challenge. In a professional organization, one way to keep employees motivated is by competition. Why have a sales competition when you can have fun with an office challenge coin competition?

Much like a lapel pin, custom challenge coins show membership in a group. Whether it be a corporate logo or department design, challenge coins help improve worker motivation and show employee recognition as everyone wants to have a part in the group. Create a custom challenge coin for your office with Activity Coins.

Challenge coins might seem unprofessional to be using at a corporate level, however, studies have shown that corporate coins build team unity and camaraderie. Custom challenge coins can be used in professional organizations by each team or department creating their own challenge coin that resembles who they are and what they do as a form of business branding. These custom challenge corporate coins can then be given out to show employee recognition of accomplishing a task or completing a project.

Professional organizations might also choose to recognize outstanding achievements, longevity of being at the job or other milestones within the workplace with a custom challenge coin. Custom challenge coins for employee recognition can also be given to sales staff for outstanding performances or meeting goals.

Professional organizations are notorious for employee recognition rewarding employees for small tasks in order to keep them motivated and working hard. Employees carry their corporate coins with pride and the feeling of accomplishment and team unity.

Professional organizations challenge coins’ competitions can happen at any time. The one who presents their challenge coin creates the challenge and if those being challenged do not have their challenge coin within reach, they lost the challenge and must buy the challenger a round of drinks or whatever the challenge presented was. What office doesn’t want a healthy dose of competition?

Activity Coins wants to help you start sharing your story with a custom challenge coin for professional organizations. Not only are they a way to reward employees and build team unity, they also help promote business and allows employees to be able to share their experiences and stories with others.

Creating a custom challenge coin for your business is as easy as 1-2-3 with Activity Coins.

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