“Challenge Coins Go Greek!”

If you’ve ever been a member of a sorority or fraternity, you know that each Greek organization has Greek traditions that hold deep meaning for Greek life members. We’re all familiar with the infamous Greek paddles and t-shirts bearing Greek letters that are exchanged amongst fraternities and sororities, but as time has passed, new Greek traditions are emerging in campuses nationwide. Activity Coins wants to help you leave a legacy in your fraternity or sorority, by providing custom challenge coins to commemorate all of your unique Greek life events and milestones.

From fraternity and sorority initiation ceremonies to formal dances and Greek life alumni events, our commemorative coins are an innovative and meaningful way to provide lasting memories. Don’t have room in your closet for even one more Greek letters t-shirt? Tired of struggling with paint and glitter to make perfect Greek paddles for your Big or Little? Why not create custom coins for your fraternity and sorority events, ceremonies, and exchanges and start a new Greek tradition? Challenge coins from Activity Coins are a great way to create memories, start conversations, and engage with other Greek life members. We can make a coin collector out of anybody!

Trade Your Greek Paddles for Commemorative Coins!

Challenge coins have a fascinating history with military roots, and hold great personal significance to each challenge coin collector—the same way fraternity or sorority pins, Greek letters, and Greek paddles hold special meaning to Greek life members. Our goal at Activity Coins is to start a challenge coins movement within the Greek community, and here’s why you should consider our custom challenge coins for your next sorority gifts, fraternity initiation, or other memorable Greek life event.

Challenge Coins VS. Alternate Greek Life Gifts

Here’s why challenge coins are the best option for your sorority or fraternity:

  • Less Space: Greek paddles and Greek letters t-shirts are part of longstanding Greek traditions, however, these items quickly take up shelf and closet space, which is already sparse in most dorm rooms or sorority and frat houses. Challenge coin collections can be easily stored in a coin collector binder, and can hold just as much meaning to the challenge coin recipient.
  • Avoid Hazing Concerns: Many Greek organizations are experiencing a crack-down on Greek traditions that involve hazing. Greek paddles were historically used for hazing purposes, and many college campuses are no longer allowing Greek paddle exchanges because of the negative connotations Greek paddles imply. Custom coins are a great alternative to Greek paddles, and are more user-friendly, as they can be carried and exchanged easily. Challenge coins give a more professional appeal to fraternity and sorority gift exchanges.
  • No Artistry Necessary: Need a unique Greek gift for your Big or Little, but cringe at the idea of painting a paddle? If your artistry skills are lacking, let Activity Coins design custom coins for your next fraternity initiation, sorority pinning ceremony, and more. We’re experts at minting coins unique and specific to each Greek life event or milestone. Our custom coins can include Greek letters, images, and more, so let us do the work for you. It’s easy as 1-2-3!
  • Great Conversation Starters: Whether you’re a student on campus or an alum at a networking event, challenge coins are a great conversation starter and way to invoke great memories and connect with others in a unique way.
  • Retain Meaning & Value After College: Although you’ll always be a proud member of your Greek organization, after graduation, most people don’t wear their Greek letters or fraternity and sorority pins when out and about. When the time comes, it can be difficult to give away the myriad piles of Greek apparel sitting unused in your closet, especially because Greek letters can’t be worn by just anyone. Challenge coins are something you’ll never need to give away, and they retain their sentimental value throughout your alumni years.

Become the talk of the campus and leave a legacy in your fraternity or sorority by starting your own Greek life challenge coins movement. Contact Activity coins today to get custom coins for your next Greek event!