Challenge Coins for Charities

When attending charitable events such as charitable fundraisers, mentoring programs, or church events, most people are looking for something to hold on to as a piece of memorabilia to commemorate that special event. A custom challenge coin tailored to that specific charitable organization can provide that meaningful connection you’re searching for to create a lasting memory of your involvement with that special charitable event or organization.

Challenge coins are a great reward, memento, or gift for activist groups, church organizations, mentoring programs, donor groups, and other societal organizations that range from citywide to nationwide charitable groups.

Youth church programs are notorious for going out and doing service projects across the country and are constantly interacting with fellow youth programs. Custom challenge coins are one way the youth can interact with other youth and them a commemorative coin that shows why they are, what their charitable organization is about, and where they have done charitable service.

Creating Impressions with a Challenge Coin

Typically challenge coins are used in the military however custom coins are becoming more popular among groups and organizations as a way to show what you are a part of and who helps shape who you are. At Activity Coins, we can print challenge coins with any logo, design, or words on a challenge coin for your society or programs. Upload your design or ideas into our contact form and we can put together a custom challenge coin design for your charity.

Challenge coins are a great way to say thank you when donors are making donations to a charity. By giving a custom challenge coin out as a charitable gift, you are not only interacting with donors and saying thank you but also giving them something physical to hold on to as a way to remember your charity. The donor will be more likely to donate again because a relationship was built and you gave them a tangible memory of their good deeds to remind them how it feels to be a positive contributor.

Charitable organizations are using challenge coins as a way to draw interest in their organization and events. With a charitable challenge coin from Activity Coins, organizations create custom coins with their phone numbers, website, and more info printed onto the challenge coin. This provides members and non-members an easy way to remember the event and where they can go to get more information. Charitable organizations want others to take notice of what they do in the community and they want individuals to reach out to them become engaged with their charity or group.

Creating a custom challenge coin for a charity is as easy as 1-2-3 with Activity Coins. Simply upload your challenge coin design idea and we will create it and send it back to you to approve and then it’s off for printing.

Contact Activity Coins to get started on a challenge coin for your charity.